more things you may or may not want to know

I once ogled Jude Law at a Star Wars exhibition having no idea who he was until I saw Sadie Frost outside the gift shop.

My friends think I speak my mind. They have NO idea.

I smoked for less than a year when I was 17, but I STILL get the urge when I’m drinking with people who smoke.

The number of bones I’ve broken in my life is zero.

I’m pretty sure I spend a lot more on clothes than I should but I’m too scared to work it out.

When I was 18 I failed my A levels and my parents made me spend my summer looking for a job before relenting and letting me re-sit. I passed that time.

I hated school.

And I went to six altogether.

Before I left home at 19 I had lived in nine different houses. The total is now up to eighteen and counting.

Consequently I have no accent.

My strongest childhood memories are the bad ones, but I’d still say I had a happy childhood.

When I was younger I was so sure that I would never get married or have children that I made a bet with a friend about it.

I lost twice but to his credit he still hasn’t called it in.

People tell me I look much younger than I am. I’m never sure whether to be complimented or insulted by this.

The only operation I’ve ever had was a caesarean section.

At the age of 3 I contracted croup and had to be hospitalised in an oxygen tent. I have a memory of it but I can’t be sure it’s real.

I only have three ex-boyfriends and two of them were married. Judge all you like, I am unrepentant.

For 25 years I was completely vegetarian until I tried some bacon in 2010. I now need a word for a vegetarian who eats pig.

I have emetophobia. You’re going to have to google it though as I can’t even bring myself to write about it.

I don’t read newspapers or watch the news.

And the only time I voted in a general election it ended in a hung parliament so I won’t be doing that again in a hurry.

My legs are always covered in bruises that I have no memory of acquiring.

I still love all things Lego. And Harry Potter. Especially Lego Harry Potter.


talk to me, I don't bite (hard)

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