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For his 40th birthday, Nick was given some vouchers for Jamie Oliver’s cookery school, Recipease, which he used to book us both on a chocolate cookery class at the Clapham shop. Did I ever tell you I like chocolate? Did I?? I REALLY like chocolate.

Um, yeah. So. I was a bit excited about it. And quite rightly so, it turned out. It’s very informal and not at all intimidating, despite the fact that the teaching area is in the middle of a shop-cum-cafe, so everyone can watch you cooking. They were setting up when we arrived and this pile of goodies was already sitting there waiting for us.

The teacher (who was a professional chef and very knowledgeable not to mention good about answering all our idiot questions) showed us how to temper chocolate and then had us making our own truffle mixture within a matter of minutes.

While that set, we moved on to chocolate mousse, swiftly followed by chocolate sauce. We decorated chocolate lollipops made with the tempered chocolate and then we shaped, flavoured and rolled our truffles. Not to mention all the tasting we did along the way; it’s an essential part of cooking, dontcha know?

All of this only took a couple of hours, although it seemed like longer, at the end of which we sat down with a glass of prosecco and some of our own chocolate creations to sample. The rest was packed into an alarmingly large cardboard box for us to take home, although I did come away feeling like I’d never be able to eat chocolate again.

Yeah, don’t worry, that wore off after a couple of hours.


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