na no what now?

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There seems to be something about November that makes people want to do something ever so slightly mental. Most people these days will know about Movember. If you’re into writing at all you may well have heard of NaNoWriMo. And if you’re part of the blogging world then NaBloPoMo has probably permeated your consciousness at some point. But NaKniSweMo was a new one on me.

Basically, you knit a jumper in a month. Sounds simple, right? Oh, so the jumper has to be 50,000 stitches? No problem!

I’m not normally one for joining in things, whether from fear of failure, lack of commitment or just plain contrariness. But this one I liked the sound of, plus the timing was perfect – I’ve had a jumper in my Ravelry queue for ages now that I was planning to buy the wool for with a voucher code that I got from the Knitting and Stitching Show recently. Serendipity or what?

Unfortunately, although I started with all good intentions and wind in my sails, by mid-November I was derailed by Christmas gift knitting (and, ok, maybe Lego Harry Potter for the Wii) so my NaKniSweMo had to take a back seat. BUT! Currently all pieces are knit up awaiting assembly (or whatever the technical term is) so I’m still hopeful of an addition to my winter wardrobe before winter is actually over.


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