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For the first time in what seems like forever, we took a day trip last weekend. Nick’s parents came to stay and we took them to Loseley Park, a place I’ve been to a couple of times, but not one of our regular haunts. My first experience of the place was when I was searching for wedding venues; although I loved the look of it, there was no onsite accommodation so it was reluctantly struck off my short list.

Unfortunately the lack of ice cream weather had us nearly wishing we hadn’t set foot outside, so our first port of call was the café for a hot drink to warm us all up. The house can only be seen by guided tour and we had about an hour until our time slot; once fortified by coffees and hot chocolates we braved the elements in the gardens. Luckily they were mostly walled, so not too chilly. It was only then that I discovered I’d stupidly forgotten to charge my camera battery the night before; after a few shots the poor thing lost the will to live and no amount of cajoling would bring it back to life. Thank god for iPhones – mine came to the rescue in fairly impressive style, and while the photos weren’t always quite the ones I would have taken with my camera, it came a pretty good second best.

So many beautiful flowers. Why don’t my flowers look like this?

And so many things to collect, apparently.

Doesn’t this put you in mind of Sleeping Beauty? No? Just me and Alice then.

This last one was taken in the house, mainly for Alice’s benefit as she loves elephants. Seconds later the guide told us photography wasn’t allowed. Oops. Sshh, don’t tell anyone.


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