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I remember distinctly the first time I heard of Harry Potter, possibly because it’s a memory associated with my mother. She was a librarian and one day she told me about this fantastic book she was reading that was written for children, but had the adults reading it for themselves. She urged me to read it, which I did after she had finished it, curious to know what was so good about this kids’ book. And thus began my twenty-something-year relationship with Harry Potter; an obsession that has, if anything, grown stronger over those years.

From the books to the films to the video games to the Lego franchise to the official merchandise, I immersed myself into the magical universe as much as I could, so when I found out about the Warner Brothers Studio Tour opening only an hour away from home, I squealed with excitement. My very understanding husband offered to buy tickets for all four of us to visit for my birthday a few months later, which I accepted before he’d even finished speaking. We had indoctrinated the girls into the films by then, so it would be something we’d all enjoy, not just an outing for me with everyone else trailing behind.

I honestly don’t think I’ve looked forward to anything in my life quite as excitedly before; the idea of seeing the actual sets and props used in the film and even getting the chance to walk around, in and among them thrilled my magic-obsessed muggle heart to the core. Did it live up to my ridiculously high expectations? Well, if I admit that the introduction to the tour very nearly reduced me to tears (in a good way), that should give you an inkling. No spoilers though, it’s definitely something you have to experience for yourself.

We had the last time slot of the day, which meant we didn’t feel rushed by loads of people coming in after us; in fact we spent a good four hours there and I could easily have spent much, much longer. I must have taken as many photos in those four hours as I would do in a two-week holiday and half the reason this post has taken me nearly a year to write is because of the almost impossible task of whittling them down to an acceptable number that someone else might want to look through. It’s just so hard to choose!


One thought on “harry’s wondrous world

    Jeyna Grace said:
    March 19, 2013 at 01:48

    I’ve seen tons of pics, but it can never beat being there.

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