any excuse for a makeover

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It occurred to me recently while tinkering with this blog that my first post was exactly six years ago. That’s a longer commitment than plenty of relationships. It also occurred to me that, falling as it did four years after the birth of my first child and second years after the second, this blog is clearly a surrogate third child. Some people get a dog, others inexplicably have an “accident”, but me? I start a blog. And that’s fine with me; do you not KNOW how much work those other options are?

My little patch of the internet has evolved a fair bit since those early days of shouting into the wilderness. While I’m still pretty much shouting into the wilderness (hi, 41 followers!) I do at least accompany it with pretty pictures these days and usually ones I’ve taken myself, too. The shouting has also become a lot more food-orientated of late, for which I blame my husband and his infectious enthusiasm for the subject; although I started out intending to blog about parenting, things haven’t really turned out that way. Well, let’s face it, food is a lot more interesting. And it tastes better, too.

Even the name has changed, largely due to my inability to decide on one I really liked. Another thing you may or may not have noticed, depending on how long/frequently/observantly you’ve been following, is that I’m not particularly faithful when it comes to blog themes. I tend to go off them far too quickly and get seduced by the latest newcomer to the WordPress theme showcase, always looking for the holy grail of beauty and customisability. Although I haven’t been keeping track, I think I’ve probably changed themes at a rate of at least once a year. And the sharp-eyed among you may even have noticed the very recent transformation this site has undergone; let’s just call it my birthday present to the blog.

Some previous incarnations

Happy birthday, blog!


2 thoughts on “any excuse for a makeover

    Robert JR Graham » Makeover’s all around said:
    February 27, 2013 at 00:16

    […] any excuse for a makeover […]

    Makeover's all around - 6 Pack Madness said:
    February 3, 2014 at 15:59

    […] any excuse for a makeover […]

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