on the seventh day

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Sunday is such a day of contrasts; the morning so full of promise and the evening quiet and subdued in the knowledge of things to come. For all that and more, Sunday is my favourite day of the week. Let me show you why.

How could a day that starts this way be anything but good?

I had big plans for my Sunday… plagiarising working out a pattern for a jumper…

…followed by some knitting…

…and then spending quality time with my kitchen.

Others were busy in their own fashion…

…while Nick was creating a wedding hamper for a friend…

…which I couldn’t help but get involved with, especially as my baking and crafting expertise were required.

We always take time out for (late) lunch if we’re at home on Sunday.

And I took time out for a little blogging with a taster of one of the wedding hamper goodies.

I may not have achieved everything on my list today, but it is Sunday after all. And there’s always another one next weekend.


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