possibly in need of an intervention

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Every time I look at the WordPress Freshly Pressed page, I seem to fall into a time-sucking wormhole of foodie blogs, mouth watering and fingers feverishly clicking on delicious-sounding links and almost-edible photos. It all starts very innocently, with a simple headline and a photo, tagged something like ‘More Food’ or ‘More Baking’. One click and I’m reading a blog post, a recipe, someone’s opinion on how good (or otherwise) the dish was, how to improve it or why it couldn’t possibly be improved on. But. BUT. It doesn’t stop there. Oh no. I can’t just click that little ‘x’ to close the browser tab and leave it there. Why? Why?? Because, my friend, BECAUSE OF ALL THE LINKS.

You see, these food bloggers, they are Cunning. They don’t just want you to read their little post, sigh a little at the loveliness of it all and then go away again. They want you to read about something else they cooked that was just as awesome, maybe visit the website they found the recipe on or, hey! look at this other website that they love more than life itself. And before I know it, it’s way past my bedtime, let alone my dinner time, there is drool on my keyboard, a rumble in my tummy and an extra eleventy hundred bookmarks on my iPad that weren’t there last time I looked.

Will I ever find the enormous reserves of time, energy and hungry people I need to make all these amazing dishes? Of course not; you know that, even I know that and these Cunning Food Bloggers certainly know that. That’s not the point, in fact that was never the point. Let’s face it, foodie blogs are just the new porn. So with that in mind, I’d like to share with you some recipes I discovered lately that I’ve been, ahem, lusting after.

dark chocolate & raspberry muffins / pistachio rosewater meringues / raspberry buttermilk cake

salad with figs, pecorino, basil and honey / coconut milk fudge


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