in which my metamorphosis into my mother ramps up several notches

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Although I am an (intermittently) prolific needleworker and especially love working with wool, I have never really been interested in knitting. My mother took it up when I was still a teenager and although I gave it a go and even produced an entire garment over the course of several years, my last attempt at an adult jumper was eventually abandoned for her to complete and I haven’t so much as looked at a knitting needle since.

What? It’s a garment; I never said what size it was

However, thanks to Freshly Pressed on WordPress, I discovered a website called needled and found myself devouring page after page of posts, partly because they are so well written, but mainly because I was fascinated by the author’s talent and enthusiasm for making her own garments, accessories and even soft furnishings – some sewn, but mostly knitted. I pored over her photos of wool in diverse textures and glorious colours and marvelled at the finished items that to my untrained eye looked as professional as anything you’d find on the high street.

In short I was inspired, particularly by these posts: a blanket that a group of readers had sent her and a scarf that she made for a Christmas present. I wanted to feel the skeins for myself, spend hours browsing for the perfect wool and create something useful, not just an abstract piece that would languish in the attic for years.

So at the first possible opportunity I bought myself a basic pattern book, a ball of wool and a pair of knitting needles and made – ta da! – a pair of handwarmers. Well, you’ve got to start somewhere, haven’t you? I really enjoying doing it and was amazed at how quick it was; I completed the knitting itself over three evenings and the sewing up in another evening. Next on my plan is a hat, then a scarf and I may even attempt a jumper (can you tell it’s getting colder??). All I have to do is ignore my best beloved’s cracks about grannies and the Women’s Institute; if he doesn’t watch out he’ll be getting just a pair of socks for Christmas. Knitted by me, of course.


3 thoughts on “in which my metamorphosis into my mother ramps up several notches

    WSM said:
    September 30, 2011 at 07:15

    I want some.!…. In time to go to New York!!!!…. Er, that’ll be a PLEASE on the end of that! … Handwarmers that is, not the jumper… Cute tho’ it is… Just like me then really…(hysterical laughter coming from somewhere).x

    busy doing nothing | Purple Patch said:
    March 25, 2013 at 21:04

    […] being inspired to take up knitting after stumbling across Kate Davies’ blog, I’ve been reading more craft blogs, which […]

    another bite of the cherry « said:
    October 31, 2013 at 21:04

    […] it would be interesting to go again, this time from the point of view of a recently converted knitter. I’m not terribly keen on very busy, crowded places so I only spent a few hours there before […]

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