running on empty

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I have no words. They have gone, deserted me, driven away by the constant activity. Whoever said women were good at multitasking clearly hadn’t met my brain; it seems unable to cope with the cerebral and the physical at the same time.

To explain: my last post was the day before I went on holiday for two weeks. Since my return, my time has been fully occupied with coping with a house full of builders, followed by a husband on a mission to restore it to normality. While I admire and sometimes envy his dedication to the job at hand, I cannot find it in me to match it; this kind of work somehow saps my energy, leaving me almost unable to function on any other level.

I have barely done anything just for me since my long-forgotten holiday, which includes writing, hence the month-long gap in posts. I shan’t apologise to my imaginary audience, but I will make a promise to myself: when this project is over (and yes, there is the smallest chink of daylight showing in my DIY tunnel) I won’t be able to shut me up.


talk to me, I don't bite (hard)

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