to detox or not to detox

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I don’t make a secret of the fact that I’m a total chocolate addict; you only have to do a quick search of this site to see how many times I mention it. But recently I’ve been eating so much (erm, like every day) that even I’ve become a bit jaded. So towards the end of the week before last I decided to go on a five day detox the following week, Monday to Friday. Well, you can’t diet at the weekend, it’s practically illegal.

Me being me, I researched detox diets on the internet; I didn’t want to pay for fancy shakes or meal deliveries, I just wanted a simple plan I could follow myself at home. And I found it here.

So I reached day five of my detox and felt quite proud of myself for seeing it through. I found myself, however, wondering whether I really needed to detox in the first place. Having read about possible side effects ranging from headaches to lack of energy, I really didn’t notice much of a difference at all. A spot broke out on my chin around day 2 or 3, but was gone by the following day, which let’s face it, probably would have happened anyway.

Oh and I lost a pound in weight per day steadily from Tuesday to Friday; I didn’t dare weigh myself on Monday (too scared to see the damage the weekend caused), which means I lost at least 3 pounds, although my estimate would be more like 5 or 6.

On balance, I think the detox was A Good Thing; if nothing else it broke the bad eating spiral I had got myself into recently and helped me shed the extra pounds that pattern had put on. But more importantly it made me think about what I was putting in my mouth (ahem) and why, so I didn’t just pick at what I was making for the girls’ tea or grab a biscuit when I was hungry in the afternoon.

So my plan is to be more creative about the food I eat and make sure I choose healthy options, during the week at least. Weekends .. well, that’s another story. Oh come on, you didn’t seriously expect me to give up chocolate for good did you?


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    […] To detox or not to detox ( […]

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