come to no harm on an animal farm in the country

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My parents-in-law came to stay last weekend and since they, like us, enjoy an outing where the primary focus is a good coffee shop, we took them to our most recent find, Priory Farm. This place is a gem with or without kids and I particularly like the emphasis on local, seasonal produce and sustainable farming.

Although the weather was more March than June, making the Discovery Walk unfeasible, there’s enough under cover to while away a few hours if you’re happy to potter. We headed straight for the coffee shop as it was lunchtime when we arrived (oh happy coincidence). The menu is relatively short but tempting, with a childrens’ selection, and there are home made cakes aplenty. I can recommend the quiche, which has been consistently good both times I’ve had it.

After lunch we wandered over the road to the farm shop, which is as much a feast for the eyes as the stomach. My favourite section has to be the cheese counter, which lures me in with its wonderful names and irresistible textures.

We also wandered around the garden centre; at the time of our visit, filled with the most amazing hanging basket display. Roses lined the entrance and I was particularly taken with the aptly named tequila sunrise variety whose petals sported orange edges that bled pleasingly into the predominant yellow. Returning to the coffee shop for dessert/afternoon tea, my chocolate brownie was perfectly fudgy and rich, the vanilla scones went down a treat and the home grown strawberries that Jessica chose over cake were full of flavour. We all left happily replete and with Arnie’s words on our lips: we’ll be back.


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