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As someone who has always been short vertically challenged petite, I initially avoided the maxi dress trend as they have an unfortunate tendency to make me look like a child wearing her grandmother’s nightgown. Avoided, that is, until last year when I saw a pic in a magazine of Kylie in a maxi dress, disproving the whole short-girls-shouldn’t-do-long theory.

And then I found a purple number in Next that fitted me like a glove, even round the bust, skimmed just above the floor in flats perfectly and best of all in no way resembled any kind of nightwear. Well, fashion rules are made to be broken aren’t they?

This year I decided to expand my collection with a bandeau style in a print fabric, not too much flounce (see above re nighties); fairly simple, should be easy enough to source, right? WRONG. I scoured all the obvious suspects and found plenty of near misses, some of which were dismissed fairly quickly:

The first two are from Next but both are already sold out in my size (damn you organised shoppers); the second pair are from Oasis but I deemed them too monochrome and too bright respectively.

Others I ordered, tried on and sent back:


Again, both from Next; the first is Roxy, but although it looked gorgeous on it was much too small in the bust and the second was wayyyyy too long with a touch too much flounce.


This was my final shortlist (ahem), the first from Jane Norman and the second from New Look. I finally settled on the latter as it was closer to what I originally wanted AND it was twenty quid cheaper. I can see me wearing it with my cropped denim jacket (Oasis), black jewelled flat sandals (Fashion Union) and mahoosive shades (various). All I need now is for summer to hurry up and arrive already.


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