spring is sprung, the grass is ris. i wonders where the birdies is?

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As the weather is a British obsession, I’m going to conform to the stereotype by getting all excited about the fact that I’ve seen blue sky for the first time in months without having to protect myself against frostbite every time I go outside. I went for a walk on Sunday in the SUNSHINE! And I DIDN’T EVEN NEED A COAT!! You see, I’m giddy already. No doubt I’ll spend the rest of the year complaining about the distinct lack of summer, but for now I’m enjoying the ride.

So I thought I’d share some of the signs I’ve seen so far.

The above are from my garden; I cannot tell you how uplifting it is to have colour out there again.

And these three are a random selection from my recent local travels. Also, how weird is that tulip?

Finally my favourite, taken no further than the end of my road; some of the blossom that covers the ground around here like confetti a little later in the season.


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