in which i don’t set fire to the kitchen

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To celebrate the girls’ birthdays we had a family get together and as they will also be having individual parties with attendant birthday cakes I decided to do cupcakes in lieu of a birthday cake. Would these be Hummingbird cupcakes, I hear you ask? HELL YES they would.

I showed the girls the recipes and they each picked a flavour, lemon for Alice and lavender for Jessica. I’m pretty sure the latter was chosen for its colour, but you try arguing with 5 year-old logic and see how far you get.

I did have a bit of trouble with the dried lavender flowers the recipe asks for, as in I couldn’t find any. Happily, Waitrose came up trumps with lavender sugar (who knew?) with which I replaced about half of the caster sugar in the recipe.

Being the first time I’d attempted cupcakes, I was surprised at how straightforward the recipe was, not to mention how well they cooked (although that probably had something to do with NOT using out of date baking soda this time):

I then whipped up two batches of frosting, which I had great fun colouring appropriately:

And even more fun smearing onto the cakes (surprisingly little skill required here) then decorating:

Although I didn’t get to taste the lavender ones so I can’t tell you if the quantity of lavender sugar needed adjusting, the lemon ones were goooooooood. Ironically, neither of the girls liked them; apparently the icing was too sickly for them. What was that I said about appreciation…?


One thought on “in which i don’t set fire to the kitchen

    WSM said:
    March 27, 2011 at 22:18

    The Lavender ones were lovely. I didn’t get to taste the lemon ones.Sampled one of the M-I-L chocolate ones which were delicious too. hese were called fairy cakes or “little cakes” in my day – my mother used to bake them every week since ever I could rememberl, but only iced them on special occasions and sprinkeld hundreds&thousands on them or shiny silver “ballbearings” on them. Also – they always had green and red cherries in them too (probably not considered healthy these days). Love from WSM.

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