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Alice turned eight a couple of weeks ago and the thing she wanted the most for her birthday was a Kiddizoom camera. It’s a bit below her age group, but she was really keen so after a bit of discussion, yeah, we caved and she got it. Turns out the main reason she wanted it was for the games you get on it – not a product of the internet generation AT ALL.

But the feature that really seemed to capture her imagination was the video function; in two days she shot over 20 clips of herself, Jessica and her friends that came for her sleepover party (another post in its own right). I downloaded some of them to the computer as they made me giggle a lot. Including the one she shot while we had lunch in the cafe on her birthday of the four of us chatting; at one point I ask her whether the video feature has sound and you clearly hear her reply:

Yes, but I haven’t got it turned on now…

If that’s an foretaste of the quality of her lies then the teenage years are gonna be a BREEZE.

Finally I have to share this one that led Nick to comment that she was video blogging – I think it was about the sixth one she made and in my (obviously not at all biased) opinion the foreword to her future blogging career.


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