what i did on my holidays

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And all too soon it was over; 10 days holiday gone in a flash of family, presents, games, food and drink. But for once I can say I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it and didn’t find it half as stressful as I have done in previous years. Ok, so maybe the fact that Nick takes care of all the cooking has something to do with that (seriously, I think I cooked one meal the whole time and that was for the kids) but come on, everyone knows Christmas is inherently stressful. And it wasn’t. At all.

So this is a potted version of what I got up to.

Ate whatever I felt like, whenever I felt like it. Obviously this involved a lot of chocolate. And cheese.

Survived seeing all 3 sets of parents in 6 days WITHOUT HAVING A MELTDOWN.

Rediscovered my appetite for board games, much to my surprise.

Managed to reset my body clock to a midnight bedtime and a 10am waking time. And yes, it hurts now I’m back at work. Ouch.

Had a pyjama day with my family where we watched tv and played video games all day. What else is New Years Day for?

Got woken up at 7am on Christmas Day, not by the children, but by a phone call from NHS Direct as Jessica had croup in the night. Actually that bit was quite stressful.

Went for a grand total of two walks: one on Christmas Eve to see the local Christmas lights (it’s a tradition) and one on Boxing Day in the local woods. I don’t believe in exercise on holidays.

Received one and a bit of the items on my wishlist – Hotel Chocolat chocolate and Lego Harry Potter. Guess what my new obsession is?!?


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