sauce for the goose

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Eating is a very integral part of the weekend in my household. Friday nights are generally the only week night Nick and I spend together and we’ve got into the habit of planning a meal to cook if we’re in, which 9 times out of 10 we are. Then we may be entertaining over the weekend so those meals need to be thought about, whether we’re cooking or eating out. Also Sunday breakfast has become a bit of a tradition; the girls will ALWAYS ask for pancakes, regardless of what treat we’ve already got.

On a related note, Nick has been contemplating writing a blog about food; more specifically, about the food he cooks from his extensive recipe book collection. And guess who’s going to do the photography??? I honestly think I’m more excited about this than he his, to the extent that I’m seriously tempted to set it up to push him into it as he’s being very considered in his approach. (Where ‘considered’ is a euphemism for ‘had it on a to-do list for years but can’t quite commit to getting started’.) In fact, I’ve already been practising taking photos for it with my own cooking efforts. The only sort of cooking I really enjoy doing is baking, so here are my fabulous choc oatmeal biscuits.

I made these last weekend to have with our afternoon tea and my god they were GOOD. Especially warm, all gooey and melty chocolatey oatiness. Ooh, listen to me coming over all Nigella. This weekend of course we’ll be cooking Halloween food; pumpkin soup is compulsory so I’m intending to make Jamie Oliver’s squash soup (it’s called artistic licence, thank you very much) and Nick is doing bangers and mash for Sunday dinner with my parents. For afternoon tea he’s earning my undying gratitude by making Nigella’s Christmas rocky road (I already told you, ARTISTIC LICENCE). After all that heavy food I fancy some light relief so my dessert will be Nigella’s Express cherry cheesecake; no actual cooking required at all, my very favourite kind of recipe.


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