in which i admit my mother-in-law may be right about some things

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So, where was I? Ah yes, parenting. The original reason for getting into this blogging lark. Unfortunately, it seems to be pretty much impossible to talk about parenting without mentioning poo and this post is going to be no exception. Those of a squeamish disposition should probably look away now.

For several months, on and off, Jessica has had a tendency to delay going to the toilet when she needs to, particularly at school. She holds it as long as she physically can and in some cases longer, which without being too graphic can result in an accident with varying degrees of – untidiness, let’s say. These incidents didn’t happen too often but recently they got quite a bit worse, both in frequency and untidiness.

Nick and my first instinct was to tell her off in no uncertain terms; it’s not like she’s still learning as she’s been toilet-trained for three years now and she’s old enough to know she shouldn’t be doing it. When this had no effect, the only option we could see was to punish her by taking away her bedtime toys, one at a time. Breaking point came when there were no toys left but she had yet another accident. The only thing left on her bed to take away was the covers and, yes, I did consider it.

My last desperate suggestion was a reward chart, which my mother-in-law immediately endorsed and Nick reluctantly agreed to. We used to use one with Alice over toilet training and although it took many tedious months, it did work. Our strategy clearly wasn’t a sound one and at the rate I was throwing knickers away she’d have to start wearing paper ones.

Oh. My. God. Did that tactic ever work. She filled that reward chart like her life depended on it and tomorrow we take her to the shops to choose her treat, which she is so excited about you’d think it was Christmas. Let’s just say she obviously gets her competitive gene from her father.


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