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My entire childhood was spent moving house every few years and occasionally more often than that; so much so that to me moving is a natural state and the idea of seeing out the rest of my life in the same house fills me with horror. That said, I’ve been in my current house for just over six years now, the longest I’ve ever spent in one place. Nick, however, had the exact opposite upbringing, where his parents STILL live in the house they bought when they married and apart from a two-year hiatus living abroad he never moved house until he went to university. So when we bought this house, he was more than happy with the idea that we may never move again.

We’ve done quite a lot to this house over the years; extending it sideways and upwards, redecorating inside and out, re-flooring most of the house and practically re-landscaping the garden from scratch, not to mention the new boiler, bay window roof and front door we’ve put in along the way. Only the bathrooms left to go and then who knows? We may get to sit down and enjoy being in the house without thinking about the stuff we should really be doing. Although I do have an urge to open up the kitchen and dining room and knock out the back wall to put in bi-fold doors across the dining room…

So I was totally unprepared when Nick said to me, quite casually, that once we’ve done the bathrooms we should look at the market to decide whether we should move to another area.

Blink. Blink blink.

I’m sorry, was that really my husband speaking? The same man who wanted to move back to his home town when he finished university even though I’d uprooted myself less than two years previously from there to move in with him and took six months of convincing that it was a really bad idea?? Maybe 16 years of being with me has finally knocked some sense into him.

But he has a valid point. No matter how much we do to this house, we can’t change certain things about it that aren’t ideal. The little knocking down project I mentioned (ahem) would only be worth doing if we were planning to stay in this house long term. I mean VERY long term. The sort of long term that sends shivers down my spine, and not in a good way. So it looks like we’ll be coming to a crossroads at some point in the next couple of years. Exciting but scary. Because even if this house isn’t our long term house, the next one would definitely have to be. How grown up is that???


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