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Looking back at the shamefully few and sparse posts on this blog, it seems to have gone off track a bit. I started it originally meaning to write mainly about parenthood, namely the truths that you only discover once you become a parent and it’s too late to change your mind and hand the baby back. (At least, that’s what they told me when I tried it.) I like to call this the parenting conspiracy, although god knows why parents would perpetuate this except for the satisfaction of seeing other people suffer the way they are.

Because, quite frankly, that’s how the first few months of being a parent was for me – long bouts of suffering interspersed with moaning to people about the suffering and berating others for not warning me about the suffering. “Would it have made any difference?” was one smart-arse reply. No, probably not, but STILL. I don’t like not knowing things.

So I thought I would start this blog to tell people the things no one ever told me – and maybe a few useful things while I was at it. Like how the best advice we ever got was to have a regular bedtime right from the start. FOR THE BABY. And the most valuable thing I ever learnt was that if you get the feeding right? That bedtime is a breeze to achieve.

Obviously I haven’t written any of that stuff at all. And now I’m not sure I can remember most of it, nor even want to. Although I still feel strongly against perpetuating the conspiracy so I take every opportunity to tell child-free people exactly how awful bringing up babies is. I’m not sure any of them take me seriously, although one or two have looked rather taken aback.

I hate to make any promises I can’t keep, even to myself, but I do want to write more on here. Dare I say watch this space?


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