hoping to look like madonna by the time i’m 50

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All my life I have looked younger than my years.  I was never one of those teenagers who looks twentysomething before reaching school-leaving age; rather I was a twentysomething who still looked like a teenager.  Maybe it was due to my habitually unmade-up face or my persistent student uniform of jeans and t-shirt well beyond my student years, or maybe there really is such a thing as good genes.  Of course, there’s always my parents’ theory that my lack of wrinkles is due to the fact that I barely smiled throughout my adolescence.

Whatever the reason, for a long time it certainly wasn’t a state of affairs I was especially happy with.  Whilst living away from home for the first time at polytechnic (using that word in itself is enough to make me feel old) I tried to rent a video with a 14 rating (again, feeling old – that’s three outmoded concepts in one sentence) and was asked for ID.  A few years later and reluctantly living back at home, when catching a bus I was asked if I needed a half fare – yes, that would be the ones for children aged 14 and under…

Being under the impression at the time that I was definitely a grown up at this stage of my life, I was quite offended by these innocent queries and their associated assumptions.  Oh the irony.  A few years down the line I would no doubt have been thrilled to bits to be asked the same questions.

Still, while I am no longer subject to age-related ID checks, I have over the years been left in no doubt as to the apparent youthfulness of my appearance, the latest confirmation of which I received earlier this week at work.

An appointment with an Independent Financial Adviser about our company pension scheme may not sound the most interesting or of scenarios, but he was a very pleasant guy and I’m not a big fan of formality so it was more of a chat than a meeting.  Which is probably why when I said I had worked there for over 12 years he blurted out that I must be a lot older than I look.  I’m not one of those women who is coy about revealing her age (what’s the point?) so I told him directly that I was 38.  The look on his face was absolutely priceless – stunned disbelief doesn’t even begin to cover it.  The ensuing conversation went something like this.

“I won’t embarrass you by telling you how old I thought you were.”  Although I couldn’t think why it would.

“As long as it was twentysomething, I don’t mind.”  (Feeble joke I know, sorry.)

Rather shamefacedly: “Actually, it was…”

It did occur to me afterwards that I could have taken offence at his obvious incredulity at my age; I mean, 38 isn’t THAT old, surely?  On the other hand, this does give me a clue as to why Alice doesn’t think I look like a proper grown up most of the time.  But I think I’ll take the odd backhanded compliment over the alternative, especially as I seem to have unaccountably reached an age when looking younger than my years is finally a blessing rather than a curse.


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