perhaps a little too excited…

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I know I’m probably being way too uncool about this, but I am just sooooo excited! I’ve only gone and got myself ‘published’ on one of my favourite blogs, petite anglaise. Ok, so maybe published is too grand a word – more accurately my words have been reproduced in black and white (sorry, brown and pink) on one of her posts. Question 53 is all my own work. (The answer is all hers).

While you’re probably wondering what I’m getting so worked up about, you should know that I’ve been reading her blog pretty religiously ever since I read about her on an HR website of all things and clicked through to her website, whose current post was this one. As far as her writing goes, it was love at first read – intelligent, humorous and to the point. And her blog was a major part of the inspiration that got this one started, halting though its progress has been so far.

So thank you for your answer, petite; as advised I will try to write more regularly than I have been and even though I’m not sure I believe in it, I will do my best to court fate in the process…


One thought on “perhaps a little too excited…

    Pauline said:
    March 11, 2008 at 12:56

    Good advice Sarah from petite anglaise but don’t wait too long for fate to step in, get writing!

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