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Watched Moulin Rouge again today and was reminded of a somewhat epiphanic moment I had several months after becoming a parent.

It was in the car, I think we had gone for a drive on a rainy Sunday, and I have a vivid memory of staring out of the window while listening to the soundtrack.  The song Come What May got me thinking about love and whether it ever really does last until the end of time.  Then it hit me.  There is only one category of person that you will love forever and that is your children.  With your friends, family, even your lover – there is no lifetime guarantee.  But your children truly are part of you and whether you want to or not you will always love them.  It is instinctive, even primal.  You just can’t help it.

The realisation of this truth caused inexplicable tears to spill onto my cheeks.  No doubt its potency was augmented by the death of my own mother barely three months before Alice was born, as so many things have been.  For once I could appreciate her position entirely but it was too late to be able to share it with her.

So there you have it – my first truth of parenthood.  Come what may, you will always love the little buggers, right until the very end of (hopefully, your) time.


One thought on “thanks, ewan and nicole

    Adrian said:
    March 11, 2008 at 22:32

    It may well be cos u is a mutha, but fathers feel much the same way towards their chidren. A second truth of parenthood is that your chidren will never love you quite as much as you love them, I think.

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